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With Kessler’s emergency services, you don’t need to give your refrigeration, heating, or cooling system a second thought: Kessler Refrigeration has a proven track record.

What We Do

If your work facility contains low humidity in the wintertime, stale air in the summertime, or seasonal allergen-filled ductwork, we have the right combination of solutions for you. Kessler Refrigeration has a skilled team of HVAC professionals ready to help you achieve ultimate efficiency and optimal comfort. 


Furnaces and heating systems naturally sustain wear and tear over time. With routine preventive maintenance, however, you can reduce the impact it has on your heating system and increase its longevity in the process.


When regularly inspected and cleaned, your cooling system will perform more efficiently, ensuring your electric bill remains reasonable, even in the hottest Roanoke weather.

Commercial Refrigeration Services

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your commercial fridge, contact Kessler right away. We offer emergency services so that your business doesn’t miss a beat. 

Emergency Nights and Weekends Available.

Commercial Refrigeration

If your business depends upon commercial refrigeration, it’s easy to take for granted. However, if the system stops functioning the way you expect it to, you could be left with high operating costs and a major interruption in daily business. When you find yourself in need of commercial fridge repair, look to Kessler’s proven track record to deliver the work you require.

Electrical Services

While we love DIY jobs as much as the next guy, your property’s electricity should always be handled by a proven expert. Beyond repairing your electrical system, Kessler is able to install new systems, upgrade worn-out or outdated wiring, and install new outlets and light switches. Whether your electrical system has broken down or needs to be updated, our team of Roanoke electrical contractors is prepared to get you moving forward in no time.   

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As a family owned and operated business, we’re able to devote personal attention to each and every one of our clients. At Kessler Refrigeration, we do what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it! 

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